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$1000 Conveyancing is a team of property lawyers in Sydney. Offering affordable and experienced conveyancing services. Please submit the form to get started.

Why Us?

A few reasons why people are choosing our law firm.

What is online conveyancing?

All essential parts of the conveyancing process can now be done electronically.

This includes verification of identity, contracts, exchange, and settlement.

$1000 Conveyancing uses Infotrack to achieve this.

About Us

$1000 Conveyancing is a team of property lawyers in Sydney. We offer fixed price online conveyancing to all NSW regions. Our principal has 40+ years of experience helping people like you. Buying or selling property? Get in touch today.

Lawyer vs. Conveyancer

Why hire a lawyer?

Many property lawyers offer similar fees to conveyancers.

A lawyer, not a conveyancer, can help if complicated legal concerns develop in your conveyancing process.

A conveyancer will need to refer your case to a lawyer if the job goes beyond the limits of conveyancing.

Laws are often changing. So it may be useful to engage a lawyer who understands the most recent legislation changes, and how this affects you.

Covid-19 Update

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